Lady Werewolves from Film & TV

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Here is a list of live-action, that's right: lady werewolves.  Because I'm lady.  And I love werewolves.  I refuse to apologize.  This is The Nerdy Werewolf, after all.

ALL YE WHO ENTER: There be *SPOILERS* here!  If you've seen Cursed, Dark Shadows, Dog Soldiers, Trick 'r Treat and Wolf, you're good!  If not, it's on you now.
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Serafine Pigot played by Julie Delpy

Bouncer: "Claude said no one Is to be admitted once the door was locked."
Serafine: "The full moon is rising, would you rather I remained out here with you?"
Bouncer: "Uh, no."

2. "BEING HUMAN" (2011)

Nora Sergeant played by Kristen Hager

Sally Malik: "You can see me? Oh my, God, Nora! I've been wanting to talk to you for so long. How can you see me? You're not dead, are you?"
Nora: "I'm a wolf."

3.  "BITTEN" (2014)

Elena Michaels played by Laura Vandervoort

Elena: "Are you the welcoming committee?  Or has Jeremy finally chained you up to the front gate where you belong?"
Clay: "I missed you, too."


Vivian played by Agnes Bruckner

Vivian: "What we are not is what we are taught to fear."

Veruca played by Paige Moss

Veruca: "God!  Somebody's domesticated the hell out of you."

6. CURSED (2005)

Ellie played by Christina Ricci

Joanie: "Why do men always go for the tortured ones?  Poor, damaged Ellie."
Ellie: [hits Joanie in the face with brick] "Fuck you!"

Joanie played by Judy Greer

Joanie: "I'm not going to kill her. I'm just gonna rip her to shreds and let her choke on her own blood... and then maybe I'll eat her."

7. DARK SHADOWS (2012)

Carolyn Stoddard played by Chloe Moretz

Elizabeth: "Carolyn? Carolyn, my God!"
Carolyn: "I'm a werewolf, okay? Let's not make a big deal out of it. Woof."

8. DOG SOLDIERS (2002)

Megan played by Emma Cleasby

Megan: "You may think all women are bitches...but I'm the real thing."

9. "THE GATES" (2010)

Lexie played by Rachel DiPillo

Lukas: "You can take the wolf out of the girl..."

10. GINGER SNAPS (2000)

Ginger Fitzgerald played by Katharine Isabelle

Brigitte: "People don't leave their dogs out alone anymore."
Ginger: "Then you'll just have to distract her while I nab the pooch and make with the gore."

11. "GRIMM" (2011)

Angelina Lasser played by Jaime Ray Newman

Nick Burkhardt: "You killed someone else tonight?"
Angelina Lasser: "Yeah.  He tried to rape me so he didn't leave me much of a choice."

12. "ONCE UPON A TIME" (2011)

Ruby/Red Riding Hood played by Meghan Ory

Red Riding Hood: "How do you know what I am?"
Quinn: "Because I know how to recognize a child of the moon."

13. "THE ORIGINALS" (2013)

Hayley Marshall played by Phoebe Tonkin

Davina: "You're Hayley, Klaus' wife."
Hayley: "Ew...No, never.  I'm the pregnant werewolf."

Francesca Correa played by Peta Sergeant

Francesca: "Every revolution requires sacrifice."

14. SKINWALKERS (2006)

Katherine played by Sarah Carter

Katherine: "Baby, you have no idea what you're missing."

Sonja played by Natassia Malthe

Sonja: "The kid has to die."

15. "TEEN WOLF" (2011)

Cora Hale played by Adelaide Kane

Cora: "What's this...what's this look on your face?"
Stiles: "What look?"
Cora: "The kind of look that makes me want to punch you."
Stiles: "Oh my God.  You are so Derek's sister."

Erica Reyes played by Gage Golightly

Boyd: [In the woods] "Listen."  [Hear howling] 
Erica Reyes: "Coyote? Wolf?" 
Boyd: "No, it can't be. There are no wolves in California."
Erica Reyes: "No, but there are werewolves."

Kali played by Felisha Terrell

Kali: "Where is he?"
 Lydia Martin: "I think he said he was heading out to do some shopping, run a few errands, The usual werewolf afternoon."

Malia Tate played by Shelley Hennig

Malia: "Try to remember I'm a werecoyote that murdered her own family. I won't judge. I promise."

16. TRICK 'R TREAT (2007)

Laurie played by Anna Paquin

Laurie: [fangs come out]  "My, my. What big eyes you have."

17. "TRUE BLOOD" (2008)

Debbie Pelt played by Brit Morgan

Debbie Pelt: "Why don't you just pull the trigger now? What do you care?"
Sookie Stackhouse: "There's people that still love you for reasons I ain't even gonna try to make sense of."

Rikki Naylor played by Kelly Overton

Rikki: "I am your number one bitch, don't ever forget it."

Leah Clearwater played by Julia Jones

Jacob Black: [interrupts] "I can't trust you with the Cullens. You hate them too much. You don't even like me."
Leah: "I don't have to. I just have to follow you."


Jules played by Michaela McManus

Jules: "It’s important you learn what it means to be a lycanthrope. We live by a code of loyalty. We take care of each other. It’s my duty and honor to help you. Please let me. "

20. WOLF (1994)

Laura Alden played by Michelle Pfeiffer

Laura: "Sorry. Wrong line. I am not taken aback by your keen insight and suddenly challenged by you."

21. 'WOLF LAKE" (2001)

Ruby Cates played by Mia Kirshner

Tyler: "What? Gonna chop up my liver, with egg and onion?"
Ruby: "To start."

22. WOLVES (2014)

Angelina Timmins played by Merritt Patterson

Cayden: "The moonlight.  The violence...I can feel it."
Angelina: "I know, I can feel it, too."

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HONORABLE MENTIONS: (Again, yes...I haven't seen them yet!)
-The Howling: Marsha Quist played by Elizabeth Brooks
-Cry of the Werewolf: Marie Latour played by Nina Foch

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Who do you think played the best female werewolf?  I can't believe I found so many!!
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